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A saree can be a simple cloth or a symbol of honour.” Our Kanchipuram Silk Sarees wholesale shops has unique and exclusive collection from The Best in Class Silk sarees Production. We also offer superior branded Original silk sarees to purchase online. If you need Kanchipuram Silk Saree Collections, Indian Kanchi Silk Saris, Bridal Kancheepuram Sarees buy latest pure kanchipuram pattu sarees for wedding, anniversaries, festivals, parties, ceremonies, etc. Contact us to get unbeatable prices and Discounts. We have our own hand loom factory and weavers to make the best sarees from the beginning.

The silks sarees have become an integral part of occasions like weddings and celebrations for apart from the luxury it talks it is also known for the rich weave and the gold borders. Whatever the pattern may be, whether the simple self border or the colourful contrast border with gold zari, dots and motifs the saris are noted for their genuine and dignified look with unique and vibrant color combinations.The Kancheepuram silk saris are supposed to be the best among all the silks in the world. Kancheepuram, the silk capital is said to have more than 20,000 looms where 3-4 weavers work in each loom and nearly 4-5 lakhs of silk saris are produced every year and shipped to different parts of the world.

The kancheepuram saris are popularly known as the queen of all saris as it has a noted texture, glimmer, permanence and refinement. They are the most elegant, desirable and luxurious of all sarees. These saris are made from a heavy silk material known as the Kancheepuram silk which can be very easily maintained at home. It can be washed with water at home for the saris are durable enough. It is quite expensive for the fact of its finesse and it weighs more than any other silk sari. The quality of the sari is graded based on how heavy the sari is.

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We have the best sarees to adorn princesses on their most awaited day. Our subha muhurtham pattu sarees are taken extra life.

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A huge collection of soft silk sarees to choose from is what most women crave for. Our pure raw silk sarees are suitable to wear on a daily basis.

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We have a wide range of bridal sarees with unique and impressive designs and always stands as the special gift for your beloved ones.

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Our range of fancy silk sarees are desired by women who wants to look good and comfort. We have different collections of fancy sarees.

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Generally handloom saree weaving is a family enterprise and one of India's cottage industries. The handloom sarees are made from silk or cotton threads. Traditionally all the process of thread dyeing and warping were outsourced and sizing, attaching the warp, weft winding and Weaving were done by the weavers.